A designer wedding ring makes an excellent gift. Designer wedding rings are more expensive than their regular counterparts. A designer wedding rings is designed and crafted by a designer. The people who craft such rings are dedicated professionals with a keen eye for taste. A designer wedding ring is an excellent present at many occasions. The price of a designer wedding ring depends on its quality. A lot of factors determine the cost of a designer wedding rings Melbourne. Some of these have been mentioned below. The below list is not exhaustive by any means. There might be facts in addition to the ones mentioned that affect the price of a designer wedding ring. The price of a designer wedding ring depends on the demand for them.

The gemstone used:
Many designer wedding rings have a gemstone in them. The gemstone is usually the focal point of the ring. It is what attracts people towards buying rings. The gemstone can either be a precious one or a semiprecious one. Previous gemstones are rarer than semiprecious stones. This is the reason the cost of precious gemstones is much higher than their semiprecious counterparts. Diamond is one of the most common gemstones used for making wedding rings. Diamonds come in many colours. Transparent diamond is in high demand. A designer wedding ring with a diamond in it fetches a high price.

The metal used:
The metal used also impacts the price of the ring. Gold and platinum are commonly used in designer wedding rings. Designer wedding rings might also be made of silver or bronze. Titanium is also commonly used for the purpose. Titanium carbide rings are very common. They are also very durable. They are also water resistant. This makes them a popular choice. Designer wedding rings made of titanium have become very popular over the past decade or so. Many people choose to buy designer wedding rings made of platinum or titanium. Titanium is also known as a hard and heavy metal. It can be used for many different purposes.

The design of the ring:
The design of the ring also determines its price. Rings with intricate designs are usually more expensive than those with simple designs. It is very costly to engrave complex designs into a ring. This is why rings with complex designs fetch so much money.

Rubies and sapphires are also used in handmade engagement rings Melbourne. Like diamonds, rubies and sapphires are also precious stones. They also come in a range of colours. Rubies mostly come in shades of red while sapphires are often blue tinged. Some sapphires have a very sharp blur colour. This looks very graceful when fitted in a wedding ring. This is the reason sapphires are so popular with wedding ring designers.

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