A good and sequenced wardrobe describes the personality of a person, a wardrobe with all the clothes stuffed is an undisciplined thing and it gets very difficult for us to find the clothes we want to wear at that moment, it takes so much of our time trying to find that particular wear, therefore it is necessary to keep our clothes sequenced so that we don’t have to panic at the eleventh hour and find that wear easily. Keeping the clothes sequenced require hangers so that the clothes do not get stuffed up, hangers keep the clothes hanged sequentially and makes it easier for us to find our clothes. Moreover, hangers can also keep our ironed clothes stay the way they are, coats and jackets which cannot be folded and get out of their particular shape can be hanged on the hangers. One more advantage that hangers offer to your wardrobe is making it colourful, the different type of hangers with different colours make your wardrobe look more attractive, it plays on the human nature that they find colours more appealing. Hangers come with different material and different shapes, not every hanger is used for the same purpose, and different types of hangers are used for different purposes. Every person owns a lot of clothes in their wardrobe that has different fabric so you should have different types of hangers in your wardrobe. Let us talk about the types of hangers;

1-    Firstly, you need shirt hangers that have turf cut on the corners which make your shirt stay on the hanger even if the fabric is silk.

2-    If you need to hang coats then you need a coat or jacket hanger that is wide like broad shoulders so your coat or jacket can be easily hanged on this type of hanger.

3-    If you wish to hang a pant then you need a pant hanger that has a rod of hanging pants and is usually have thicker space to avoid crease in your pant.

4-    If you need to hang the skirt then there are reliable skirt hangers available that have rubber clips on both the sides of the hanger. You clip the skirt on this hanger which will not let the skirt fall.

5-    There is a hanger for sweaters as well. Sweater hangers are different from jacket hangers as they are not wide but narrow which allows the sweater to stay on the hanger.

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